KAA studio

Architektonický ateliér, Praha. Architects' office in Prague.

ing. arch. Kamila Holubcova
ing. arch. Antonín Holubec

We are dealing with a broad spectrum of activities - from urban scale designs to new buildings drafts, reconstruction, interior and retail designs. After synthesis and further analysis of the input data we create a concept of the project in cooperation with the investor, which is understood as a matrix from which it logically all other processes derive, such as choice of plan and material, design of details etc. Our aim is creating a unique individual solution, in an interaction with the client.

We provide fully professional service in particular stages of the project:

  • preparation of contract
  • design of the building - studies
  • preparation of documentation for urban permit
  • producting the documentation for building permit
  • producting the construction documentation
  • preparation of tender documentation for the contractor
  • cooperation in the selection of contractor
  • cooperation in the construction - performing the architectural and technical supervision
  • cooperation after the construction

Within the preparation of particular phases we collaborate with a team of experienced specialists in the field of technical equipment of buildings and technical utilities. During construction, we provide complete architectural and technical supervision over the construction.